Malinska is situated on the north-western part of the island of Krk. The island of Krk is the largest island of the Adriatic Sea.
Thanks to its geographical position it is well protected from the strong wind and in the past times it was a shelter for many seamen and today it is a desired destination for many tourists and visitors.

Beautiful beaches, natural beauties, beautiful landscape, clean sea , mild Mediterranian climate with more than 2200 sun hours per year are the main characteristics of Malinska.

Cantrip oft he sun, the sea and the summer can't leave you equanimous.
Thanks to its mild climate, Malinska is a perfect destination during the entire year. Therefore at the end of the 19th century Malinska was known as a health tourism destination.

Centuries-old touristic tradition testifies that Malinska has got a lot of things to offer. Although it is a small town on the Adriatic Sea it offers many different cultural and entertaining programmes. There are many historical and cultural sites in Malinska as well as in other parts of the island.
Tradition has been preserved and you can see performances of folk dance troups wearing the authentic costumes.

Native population ,besides tourism, growns olives, engages in farming and stockbreeding and lives by fishing that's why tradition and domestic cuisine are the main features of the gastronomy.

Numerous restaurants offer typical home-made food and local dishes.

For those who prefer active holidays Malinska offers promenades and paths by the sea or through the woods where you can cycle,
jog or just walk.

Cycling paths connect Malinska with other places on the island so it is possible to ride longer or shorter tours with or without a guide. Clean sea and untouched coves are ideal for diving.

Because its unique and rich cultural and historical heritage preserved tradition, modern development and excellent connection with the mainland island of Krk has been called the Island of Gold.

The island of Krk is situated in the Bay of Kvarner, in the north of the Adriatic Sea and it is a part of a wider area which is rich in natural beauties, national parks and nature parks.

In the hinterland there is a region of Gorski kotar that abounds in natural beauties. The most famous is national park Risnjak. From the top of Risnjak there is a view on the Adriatic Sea, Istria and the Julian Alps in Slovenia. Gorski kotar is ideal destination for those that enjoy the nature, like cycling,
walking, mountain climbing, hunting and fishing.

In summer there is freshness, peace and quiet and in winter you can enjoy on the snow.

Wealthy diversity of Primorsko-goranska county; mountains by the sea meets all the conditions for the unforgettable vacation.

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