General conditions and rules

User of the service, a guest, by confirming these general conditions, undertakes to accept them completely.

Each reservation of the accommodation is not valid until confirmed in written form by the mediating agency ( in further text t.a. "Valturist).
When receiving on inquiry t.a. "Valturist" checks availability of the accommodation unit and sends to the guest either confirmation or alternative accommodation with a certain deadline for a response,depending on the date of the inquiry.
Before confirming the reservation, 30% of the whole price of service, should be paid on the agency's transfer account within 5 workdays after the acceptance of the offer.
If the mediating agency Valturist does not receive information about paid in deposit to a specific timetable, reservaton can't be confirmed and the offer is considered unvalid.
In bank transaction the cost of the home bank, in this case Privredna banka Zagreb, bears the mediating agency Valturist and the cost of the foreign bank bears the user of the service – the payer.
In case of reservation cancelation, the user of the service does not get the deposit back.
The rest of whole amount the guest pays in teception of the tourist agency Valturist on arrival. It will be paid in national currency (in Kuna) with the exchange rate 1€ = 7,5 Kuna.
The basic prices of the accommodation are listed in description.
Each extra service that is not included in price is payed on teceptiion on arrival together with the rest of the amount.
On arrival the guest subnits the valid personal documents ( pass or ID) of all members due to registration.
After the registration the passports or IDs are given back to the guests who also get a registration form.
Afterwards the guests are accompained to the accommodationunit by the owner or by the employee of the agency.
If some person or a pet arrives unannounced, tourist agency Valturist reserves the right to change the final price or accommodation unit. If possible the guest will stay in that accommodation unit, if not the agency can offer some other accommodation with possible changes in price.
In that case the complete price of the new accommodation most be paid in reception. The paid deposit will be paid to the owner of the first accommodation unit as a cost of reservation cancel.
Tourist agency Valturist is not responsable for the lack of the alternative accommodation.

Entering the accommodation unit is possible after 2:00 p.m. on the first day of using the service and it most be left until 10:00 a.m. on the last day of using the service.
Tourist agency Valturist waits for the guests on their arrival day until 8:00 p.m.
In case of being impossible to come untill the mentioned time, guests are kindly requested to contact tourist agency Valturist.

Prolongation of reservation is possible only after consulting the mediating agency Valturist.
In cases when the guest cuses damage to the owner of the accommodation unit, it will be paid by guest to the owner.
The guest most respect the House Rules and leave the accommodation tidy (washed dishes, empty fridge, garbage taken out).
If the guest uses the air conditioner, the windows and the doors most be closed. The air conditioner must be turned off ofter 12:00 p.m. or when the guests leave the accommodation unit.
Visits of friends and relatives are not allowed without the owner's permission.
If the guests violate severly the House Rules, there is possibility that they will have to leave the accommodation unit no matter how many days they have spent in it and without any right to get the money back, or to get another accommodation.
The owner must keep the accommodation unit in ghe condition as prescribed by the cathegory given by the proper authorities.
The accommodation unit must be kept in working order, price list and house urles must be shown.
The owner has to render possible on enjoyable stay and try to solve any problem as soon as possible.

Tourist agency Valturist does not take responsability for slight chances on arranging or decorating, weather condition, narby construction work or any noise.

If a guest has a complaint on the accommodation, the mediating agency will thy to find the solution in favor of both sides. Reason of complaint must be based on real facts.
As final solution tourist agency Valturist can offer alternative accommodation unit if available, or refund the money only for remaining days.
After the expiry of reservation a guest can not submit a complaint.

In case when tourist agency Valturist is forced to cancel the reservation because of unforseen situation, it will offer alternative accommodation if possible of the same or higher quality or refund the deposit.
Tourist agency is pbliged to ensure the guest the exactaccommodation unit, all necessary information and to make the stay pleasant and careless.

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